Fuck expensive bodies that are shit

It’s not been long since I received my Supia body for Estelle and it’s a beautiful body, I give them that, but posingwise it’s bad. Like really bad. I can’t get it to stand without struggling a half hour. It’s legs reminds me of my 5Stardoll body, 5Star stand easier, but they’re equally crazy.

The worst part about it is that I paid too much for this. I didn’t expect it to be this bad. But I’m gonna keep it. It matches really well and it’s pretty. It’s just not fun working with. 😦


New sculpts for existing characters

I know, two posts in one day. I’m on a roll, baby! 

So I was never satisfied with the sculpts chosen for Martha and Damian. I just went with the best I could find. 
But today I found some sculpts I’m feeling good about. 
To Martha I’ve considered both KnK and DollStories, but none of them felt perfect. Today I got to know BeYours, and I felt head over heels in love with several sculpts. I ended up choosing Ceiba for Martha. I don’t know if anyone remember, but Martha is Gerda’s older sister. Techically, she is not in the story, she is only mentioned, but I still feel she is important, and I want to shell her. 

Damian was supposed to be a Iplehouse Claude, but there were several problems. He seemed a bit too happy, the body was too buff, he would look silly next to Estelle. Then I found out about the event April Story is having right now, and I’m considering getting either Winter or Fall boy for him. I’m leaning towards Fall, even though my mother said he looked like a girl. Haha. But with the right face-up, I think it could work. 

Dealing with a serious case of DO WANT

What do you do when you get overwhelmed with a sudden need to buy a doll, when you have more “important” things to buy before? 

I know I should prioritize a Popodoll body for Andrew. I know, I know, but I want an Iplehouse Giorgio for Tahir so much more. I wanna work with his wonderful personality. I wanna share him with my bestie, so she can understand who he is too. I want another human being to “see” him. 😦 
It might have something to do with that I’m writing Tahir’s backstory right now (BTW, young Tahir is probably the cutest version of any of my characters) and I’m so into it. I just enjoy writing through his perspective. 

And I want to mention it’s nice having a more “passive”, mild, gentle character, when I have so many strong minded ones. 


So I ended up deciding not to buy the Iplehouse girl. She’ll come in CDS eventually and I shouldn’t be buying stuff until after Christmas anyway.

Instead I’m looking for stuff to finish off my dolls, I need eyes for Nadine, Andrew, Scarlet and Ainan. Ainan is gonna be a problem, but I knew that. The other three will probably get ED eyes, unless I find some urethane eyes secondhand.
I need a wig for Scarlet though, and I’m considering one from For My Doll. I’ll buy it through Nine9style, then I could buy some eyes in the same order.
I need lots of clothes too. I don’t even know where to start. Gerda, Estelle and Ainan have okayish outfits, but Scarlet and Andrew have next to nothing. I’m a little unsure about Nadine, if she has something. I kinda have a pair of pants I think suits her character well, but I don’t know if they fit. I’ll have to try them.

I’m also looking for high heel feet. That’s the problem with buying secondhand. And none of the companies sell heel feet seperately. And there no way my girls will have to go without high heel shoes!

It can’t be too long till Dollgru ship the heads me and Maria bought. But I can’t get in contact with my face-up artists, so I’m still unsure if she’ll paint Scarlet too. 😦

To buy or not to buy

Yes, I am in this dilemma yet again. Iplehouse released a new limited doll, that fits my character Robin sooo well, and she is limited, so I have to buy her now or wait for her to become available in the CDS. 
But I also want the daggers they’re offering and I don’t know if they’ll ever become available outside this release. 

I could probably afford her on a layaway, and my mother is totally in love with her too, but I just don’t know. Do I go for her or not? I should be ordering a Popodoll body instead, because Andrew is just a head, but the body is not limited so I could easily wait until after Christmas. 
I have a SOOM Ai for sale, if just someone bought her, I could allow myself to do it, but no one’s buying her yet. Maybe I’ll lower her price a little tonight and see. Even a layaway would be okay, I just need someone to buy her. 

But I’ll been looking for wigs and eyes for Nadine, who’ll soon be here, and for Robin (if I get her) and I’ve found some really pretty For My Doll wigs on 9Ninestyle. Plus ED eyes. God, I love ED eyes. 

I really wanna buy Robin, seeing as she is the main character, it could be so much fun. Plus Gerda would get her BFF and that would be all kinds of awesome. 

Luckily there is still some time until the order period stops, so I can debate this a while. 

Hunter or Tahir

I know I said I wanted to bring Hunter home first, but I’m more inspired to work with Tahir right now. His gentle personality is so interesting to write about. 

I’ve found a song that expresses his feelings so well. 
You can listen to the song here.
The lyrics to the song are here.
I feel a little bad to make all my pairings so sad. But oh well, it’s not easy to be in love in the middle of a revolution.

A little sad news

I’ve decided to take a break from Tinies. I need money, so I’ve put some of them up for sale, but I’m not as sad as I thought I would be. I need this break.
I want to focus on my SDs for a while, since they’re the ones I’m writing about. The only exception is Yashi as he is from the story too.

And I keep telling myself that SOOM tinies are easy to find again. And fuck the fantasy parts. They’re not even that important.

Instead all my energy is in making Scarlet pretty. I’ve not heard from the face-up artist yet, but I guess she’s just busy right now. I really hope she’ll agree to paint another head for me.
I’ve been looking for Scarlet’s wig and I think I’ll try For My Doll, as Estelle’s wig is from there and it’s such a nice wig.
This is the wig I’m considering. I know it looks like shit, but judging from owner pictures it a nice wig. I want it in heat resisting color #110. Yes, I know, yet another redhead. I just really like red hair, okay? I hope to style it like this and this.

I’ll also need some urethane eyes for her. I’m thinking light green.
Then all I need is some proper clothes and I’m fairly done with her. And finding a pair of high heel feet for her. I would like for her to be able to wear SD16 shoes.

So that’s pretty much everything I’m thinking about right now.